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PROACT Metal Max™ 100 Combi Laryngoscope Blade and Handle Set

  • Blade is supplied permanently attached to disposable handle
  • Top of the range 100% metal blade and handle
  • Combined handle and blade design, ensuring no compatibility issues
  • Unique fully disposable laryngoscope with metal encased meLED light source
  • meLED offers a cool super bright white light. The metal encasing not only protects the meLED from damage but also focuses the light beam for an optimum view
  • meLED light source gives out very little heat adding to patient comfort and safety and complying to the requirements of ISO7376:2009
  • Correctly formed blade tips with no sharp edges. The blade spatula is a reusable design with the same expensive tip as a reusable blade.
  • Cost effective solution, eliminating the capital, sterilising and running cost of reusables
  • Triple sprung ball bearings give a secure fit
  • Supplied in easy tear sachets for faster access and ease of use

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