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PRO-Breathe Laryngeal Airways, Armourflex, Single Use, Silicone

• Premium quality, high end silicone construction with unbeatable value

• Smooth integrated design offering an optimum feel and superb seal with less risk of patient trauma

• Fully armoured preventing any twists in the tubing

• Ideal for head, neck and dental surgery

• Coloured coded pilot balloons clearly marked with size make selection easy

• Clearly marked inflation volume and guide lines for fast and easy insertion

• Transparent connectors allowing for easy observation (as recommended by EGBAT report)

• New improved rigid blister packaging prevents deformation in storage

• Supplied sterile to help prevent cross infection and contamination

• Ideal for use in Head & Neck, Dental, ENT & Eye Surgery

• Available in a full range of sizes

It is recommended that all flexible armoured products are used with PRO-Breathe Bite Blocks.